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Lemon Chicken $13.95
With its crisp texture and tender meat, the ratio of sugar and lemon varies with each chef but the final sauce has a fresh and not overly sweet taste
Seafood Combination $15.95
The technique used for this dish, results in crisp-textured seafood and vegetable with a tasty and substaining flavor
Salmon with Black Bean Sauce $19.95
The deep ebony of black beans against the coral of the grilled salmon
makes this a very beautiful dish
Crispy Duck $14.95
Twice cooked duckling marinated in aromatic spices,
steamed and then fried to perfection
Steamed Chilean Sea Bass M.P.
Steaming brings out the best in this fresh fish, accentuating its delicate taste and texture while retaining its natural moisture and vital nutrients
Black Mushroom Duck $18.95
Shanghai style of slow roastig in soy sauce, sugar, wine and ginger
Garlic Prawn $15.95
Minimal use of seasoning with a dash of rice wine-stimulating
and intense flavor
Szechwan Style Red Snapper $25.95
A whole fish, with head, tail, and fins intact, is a symbol of prosperity and good luck. A perfect mixture of honey, garlic, and dash of ground pepper sauce gives this crispy fish an exotic flavor
Peking Duck M. P.
It dominates as a pinnacle of culinary achievement with its lacquer-red skin, succulent tender meat and the original concept of wrapping that
brought the food of northern China to world prominence
(required one-day advance order)
$10.95   Shrimp $15.95  Vege $10.95
Soongs are a unique Chinese delight of wok-seared dish. The chopped meat and vegetables are coated with minimal sauce, so the cold lettuce leaves, which act as a wrapper, remain very crisp and delicate flavor
(low fat option)
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  ** price subject to change without notice
  Low fat option: prepared with light oil and light sauces. Deep fried dish will be prepared stir-fried instead.
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